Born in Pavia on the 27th September 1959, he shows since the young age a strong interest for informatics and everything that concerns nature.
He attendes with excellent results the “Istituto Tecnico Industriale” in Pavia, obtaining the computer expert diploma.
During a visit to a garden in summer 2003, he is fascinated from the colors and shapes of a carnivorous plant trap…“the Dionaea muscipula’s trap”.
Intrigued (or Curious) he decides to purchase it and starts to cultivate it as a normal garden plant, with the result that the plants inevitably dies after few weeks because of the cultivations errors made.
Not at all discouraged from the loss, he starts to inform himself thanks to internet, acquiring the correct information to cultivate in the best way this particular plant that bewitched him so much. This time, the results aren’t late on arrival.
He starts from that moment on, the passion that as of today is still his greatest one…the cultivation of carnivorous plants.
In a short time he enriches his collection, adding to his little Dionaea new carnivorous plants species, while projecting the internet publication of a personal website in order to share the own experiences over the cultivation of carnivorous plants.
The day before Christmas’ eve in 2004, he finishes the project and he publicize the website… “”.
In 2007 he becomes a member of A.I.P.C. (Associazione Italiana Piante Carnivore), and shortly after, he becomes a member of the volunteer group of the association.
During the following years, he participates to several Italian and European carnivorous plants meetings, where he increases the own personal experiences about their cultivation.
He meets celebrities including the famous English geographer and naturalist Stewart McPherson, character of undiscussed worldwide fame in the carnivorous plants field.
At the end of 2012 he writes his first own book entitled “Dionaea muscipula – Biografia di un serial killer”, distributing free of charges about 100 copies to other enthusiasts.
In 2013 he is contacted from the Italian TV channel “Rai” for the production of a reportage as a protagonist with his plants; the short reportage goes live on Rai1 the 7th May 2013 during the broadcast “La vita in diretta”, daily TV program presented by Mara Venier and Marco Liorni.
13th May 2016, held its first conference on carnivorous plants at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Brescia, titled "Can a carnivorous plant digesting a human being?".
His passion seems to have no limits, the maniacal dedication towards the ones that he defines “extraordinary plants” leads him to spend the majority of his free time in the study, in the knowledge and cultivation of these particular plants.

   The daughter Jessica

“One of the Most Wonderful
Plants in the World”
- Charles Darwin –